Monday, March 8, 2010

Questions to Ask Yourself

This article captured my attention: 12 questions to ask yourself -- right now. As a solution focused therapist, I believe that we do know the answers to our life - 1. How do I spend my alone time? ... walk out your door and into the world, and let yourself feel newly challenged by all the cool stuff out there. Who knows what you'll love -- what class, what group, what hiking trail, what art show?
2. Do I pay attention to what my body needs? Do you listen when it tells you it is working too hard? Treat your body like a new pal who has lots of insightful things to tell you.
3. To Whom am I grateful? Reflecting on who coaxed you to express your opinion, who advises you to fearlessly try new things, who gave you their attention, their encouragement, their caring and generous spirit.

The list goes on and is a fun list to ponder your answers to ...

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