Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Grieve Differently

We accept without question uniqueness in the physical world ... fingerprints, snowflakes, etc.  But we often refuse that same reality in our emotional world.  This understanding is needed, espeically in the grieving process. 

No two people will ever grieve the same way, with the same intensity or for the same duration.  It is important to understand this basic truth.  Only then can we accept our own manner of grieving and be sensitive to another person's response to loss.  Only then are we able to seek out the nature of support we need for our own personalized journey back to wholeness and be able to help others on their own journey.  by Jinny Tesik, M.A.

Contact Becky Andrews, LPC, CT for information on a grief group that may meet your needs or individual companioning.  801.259.3883 or email:

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