Thursday, May 10, 2012

Self-Nurturing. Lisa Bradford, LCSW

Self-Nurturing is taking care of oneself and a way to rejuvenate. Taking time to be alone with oneself and engaging in self-nurturing can be very healing. There are many ways to self-nurture. Some examples are: Take a bubble bath, take a walk, listen to relaxing music, or do yoga. Taking time everyday to self-nurture can help an individual to have a stronger inner focus and understanding of their emotions. In Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s book, she addresses the need for women to have time alone in order to find the “true essence of themselves”. Self-nurturing is a way to identify emotional needs and to rejuvenate the soul.
For more information about self-nurturing or to schedule an appointment you can contact Lisa Bradford, LCSW at 801-660-8441.

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