Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cultivating Gratitude

I recently attended an interesting conference on Cultivating Gratitude Through Mindfulness and Self-Reflection.  The presenter, Gregg Krech, indicated that this reflection can not only be helpful in cultivating gratitude but in conflict resolutions, finding our purpose, and working through challenging times.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we know many are going through difficult times.   I am grateful to work with some incredible colleagues/therapists.  If you need to reach out to a professional at this time, please contact one of our therapists.  The following have availability at this time:

Lisa Bradford, LCSW, 801.660.8441
Monica Forsman, LAPC, 801.604.5040
Melanie Holt, LAPC, 801.718.9840
Trisha Jensen, LCSW, 801.541.4944
Lisa Steed, LCSW, 801.231.8914
Michael Van Dam, LCSW, 801.815.6152