Thursday, May 19, 2011

Substance Dependence

As a result of difficult circumstances in life that may or may not be under one’s control, one might resort to high-risk behaviors such as using excessive amounts of prescription medications or other substances to cope – thinking it may alleviate stress.

Dr. E. J. Essic explains that happenings in our environment, such as trauma and grief, can have a great impact on individuals that may lead to high-risk behaviors. It’s important to recognize that while we are responsible for our own thinking and behavior; dependent/addictive thinking is the same as impaired thinking.

Counseling Today/August 2009; Confronting Addiction, Lynne Shallcross
When struggling with substance dependency, therapy can be helpful on the road to recovery. There is hope, even with relapse. There are tools one can learn (healthy thinking/behaviors) that can strengthen one on the journey toward healing. It’s always a good time to address this type of distress!

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