Monday, April 22, 2013

Apologies, Forgiveness & Gratitude

Apologies, Forgiveness & Gratitude
Research suggests that embracing attitudes of forgiveness and gratitude has positive benefits for a person’s physical and mental health!
“An apology can lower your levels of anxiety and stress, reduce your blood pressure, decrease your risk of having alcohol or other substance abuse problems, and can result in a reduction in the symptoms of depression” states Dr. Scott Haltzman, M.D.

Forgiveness has many positive physical health benefits.  Frederic Luskin from Stanford University states that when we are willing to forgive, and learn to forgive, we can actually experience much fewer symptoms of stress such as backache, muscle tension, dizziness, headaches, and upset stomachs.  Our appetites, sleep patterns, energy levels, and general well-being can also improve.  The positive mental health benefits of forgiveness include reducing hurt feelings, anger, stress, and depression.  Learning to forgive helps us to become more hopeful, optimistic, and compassionate.

Gratitude isn’t just a feel-good idea.  Ron Cathey from Louisiana Tech University states that research reveals gratitude can improve physical health, mental health, life longevity and interpersonal relationships.
Counseling Today/January 2012; The Benefits of Forgiveness and Gratitude, Lynne Shallcross

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