Thursday, May 9, 2013

Soulful Eating. Becky Crowther, RD

We are pleased that Becky Crowther, Registered and Certified Dietitian, is in our office!  You can contact her to set up an appointment at 801.682.6664 or email:

Today she shared with our staff:  10 tips to Soulful Eating.

1.  Focus on fellowship.  Dine with others, sharing your meal with family and friends.
2.  Give thanks.  Express and feel gratitude for your food, acknowledge your connection with all life.
3.  Create a ritual.  Any practice that connects us with the sacred; prayer, a moment of contemplation, visualization, etc.
4. Grow your own.  Grow your own herbs, or garden in the back yard.  Help reconnect you to the 'circle' of life.
5.  Plan ahead.  Always carry fresh water and a healthy snack with you.  Making time and planning for your needs will give you a sense of peace and calm.
6.  Slow down.  Pause briefly to reflect on your food and observe what it provides for you.  Think about why you are eating at the moment and what stage of hunger you are in.
7.  Buy local.  There is something about eating 'home-grown' and fresh..  Usually tastes better than supermarket anyway and gives you a more interesting variety.  Allows you to eat with the seasons.
8.  Eat outside.  There's something about nature that makes you feel like a part of something greater than yourself.  A delight to the senses.
9.  Connect with the present moment.  In both preparing and eating meal, focus on appearance, aroma, texture, and taste.
10.  Go with the flow.  These changes take time - let them occur naturally.  Small changes make a big difference.

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