Monday, July 15, 2013

Dietitian and Nutrition Coach, Becky Crowther, Bountiful, Utah

About Becky Crowther RD

Dietitian and Nutrition Coach Becky Crowther, has worked in the Medical Nutrition Therapy and Weight Loss Industry for over 16 years and has a BS in Food, Science, and Nutrition. She has completed two nationally recognized weight management certifications from the prestigious American Dietetic Association and received Life Coach training through Franklin Covey.  

Becky founded her company Healthy Perspectives in 1996. Her nutrition and health philosophy focuses on what we put in our mouths AND what we put in our minds. She believes that good nutritional habits come from not only understanding what good nutrition means, but in understanding the brilliance of the human body and it’s influence on our happiness and well being. Becky understands that real transformation begins when clients learn to work WITH the body instead of against it.

On a personal note, Becky loves people, has a passion for health, and a weakness for good chocolate. You will see her around Farmington driving her 4 kids to and from school, participating and teaching at community events, taking Tae Kwon Do classes, and if there’s time left over, pulling weeds out of her flower beds!

Resilient Solutions, Inc is happy to have Becky a part of our team!  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Becky, contact her at or phone:  801. 682.6664.


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