Sunday, October 27, 2013

Next Mindfully Managing Stress Course -

In the October session of General Conference Elder Jeffrey R. Holland stated:

In preventing illness whenever possible, watch for the stress indicators in yourself and in others you may be able to help.  As with your automobile, be alert to rising temperatures, excessive speed, or a tank low on fuel.  When you face 'depletion depression' make the requisite adjustments.  Fatigue is the common enemy of us all -- so slow down, rest up, replenish, and refill.  Physicians promise us that if we do not take time to be well, we most assuredly will take time later on to be ill.

Beginning Tuesday, October 22, Melanie Holt, ACMHC,  will offer her next course on Mindfully Managing Stress and Anxiety.  Details:

Mindfully Managing Stress & Anxiety & Depression
October 22, 4:15 - 5:30 ** You can still join us on Oct 29th**
$20/class ($120 - 6-week course).

To register or get more information, contact Melanie Holt directly at 801.718.9840 or email:

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