Monday, February 24, 2014

Mindfulness Practice for the Week

1.  Each morning when you awaken, set a clear intention to be kind to yourself today.
2.  Begin to notice the number of times each day you judge or criticize yourself.  How does it feel in your body when you notice this?  Be careful not to judge yourself for judging.  Simply notice, and then make a choice to let the judgment go, returning to your intention of self-kindness.
3.  Practice saying three kind, acknowledging statements to yourself each day. They can be simple, e.g.  "I am grateful that I ate a nutritious lunch today", or "I was really present for my son this morning."  What is most important is not the content of what you say but the process of beginning a new pattern of speaking to yourself with kindness.
4.  Practice "self-blessing" each night before bed.  For example, "May I be peaceful," "May I be safe and protected,"  "May I be healthy,"  "May I be happy,"  Through using these practices you are beginning to re-teach yourself your own loveliness.  --A Year of Living Mindfully, Richard Fields, Ph.D. - Editor

Loving kindness to ourselves helps us give that same loving kindness to others.

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