Saturday, August 2, 2014

Suzette Fritinger, LCSW, Bountiful, Utah

Suzette Fritinger, LCSW, specializes in marital counseling, eating disorders, addictions, and abuse as well as grief and loss.  She also has experience working with children who expeirence chronic health problems and their families.  She also has extensive experience with women's issues, especially single women and dating issues.

Suzette shares:  When the sun gets too hot we finally make a change and move into the shade.  This is how therapy is for people.  When life gets too hard we are finally read to make a change and move into a more comfortable place in life.  Sometimes we stay in the hot sun for a very long time, but want to make a change.  When you finally get to the point of it being too much to carry, we turn to a therapist to take us on the journey of cleansing the past and finding peace for the present and hope for the future!

To schedule an appointment with Suzette, contact her at 801.497.6957 or email:

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