Sunday, November 17, 2019

Amy Johnson, Yoga - individual & Classes, Resilient Solutions, Inc

Resilient Solutions, Inc is pleased to share that Amy Jo Johnson of Renew and Restore Yoga is joining our team. To schedule an appointment - or join one of her classes, details below.
We are so excited to expand our services at Resilient Solutions! Beginning in December we are thrilled to have Amy Johnson join our team as a yoga instructor offering individual and group sessions! Her info is below! 
Amy Johnson has a passion for teaching! She holds a degree in elementary education and became a registered yoga instructor 2013. She taught yoga at Dixie State University for 2 years and Infusion Yoga and Pilates for 21/2 years. Amy greatly enjoys teaching yoga to individuals and small groups. She experienced trauma as a child for which she received EMDR treatments and found it quite helpful. She shares: when I coupled my therapeutic treatment with yoga, I discovered full body, mind and soul healing. Therapy and yoga combined is amazing!
For 25 years I've dealt with the chronic effects of Crohn's disease. Along with a mindful diet, the benefits of routinely practicing yoga improve my health daily. My desire is to share what I've learned to help others. I am certified to teach multiple methods of yoga such as restorative, vinyasa, kundalini, breath practices, chakra based sequences, trauma sensitive and restorative partner yoga (RPY).
My family would argue that my life is all about yoga but I absolutely love my husband and three children. Spending time with them is my greatest joy. Together we enjoy hiking, traveling, trying new foods, playing games, and watching movies. And occasionally, I get them to practice yoga!
To schedule an appointment with Amy or more information on one of her classes at Resilient Solutions, 1355 North Main ste 6, Bountiful, Utah you can reach her at:
Amy Johnson can be reached at 4358621514.

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