Sunday, April 24, 2011

Labyrinth Journey

This past week I had the opportunity to attend an excellent conference at Caring Connections where Labyrinths were discussed and a listing of those to visit in Utah.  We spent the weekend in St. George and were able to visit two of these special labyrinths

Like the labyrinth,
the narrow pathway of my grief
winds back and forth along well walked ways,
covering with each twist and turn almost the same ground
time and time again.
And yet
the designer's skillful hand leads me now
now further away, but ever deeper
toward the open space that waits for me at its heart.
In the tillness at the center I cannot stay
but must move quickly out again back
into the familiarity of repeated motions that wind me out
to the safety of the margins.
The stillness,
the expectancy at the heart of my
grief is yet
too much
to bear.

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