Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Financial Coaching. Bountiful, Utah.

Financial Coaching Minute
With the tough economy chipping away at our income and high gas prices taking what is left, we are all faced with the dilemma of re-evaluating our budget and lifestyle.  The true key to financial freedom is paying off our debts.  We are no longer tied down with our paychecks spent, before we even get them.  It has been proven time and time again that becoming debt free is not only feasible but when taken as a personal challenge and with your loved ones on board, it can even be fun.

Three things are necessary to accomplish this goal:
1) Total commitment by all those involved in the budgeting process.

2) A plan that is well thought out with realistic goals in place.

3) Accountability to follow through with that plan with rewards in place as the milestones are achieved.

Only you can make the commitment necessary to reach your goals, however, having a financial coach assisting you to develop your plan and hold you accountable makes following through on your goal of financial freedom very real.  Prior bad habits and mistakes are more easily overcome when you have a professional coach to take the emotion out of the situation.
Some say how can they afford a Financial Coach when they are living paycheck to paycheck.   How can you afford not to have a Financial Coach. Implementing a realistic budget will free up enough money to pay off your debts, cover the Financial Coaching, and provide a good amount of savings. The average couple finds over $300 per month in freed up money in their budget after meeting with a good Financial Coach. You will never know unless you take that first step.
Call Steve Andrews with Resilient Solutions Inc. at 801-589-0300 or email: Steve has over 25 years experience advising families on debt management, budgeting, and establishing an abundant future.

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