Friday, September 9, 2011

Compassion for Self & Others

Self-compassion is a personality trait, like optimism or extroversion, but it's also a trainiable mental skill with big benefits.  According to numerous psychological studies, research subjects who entertained self-compassion thoughts experienced greater emotional resiliency and psychological well-being.  They were measurably happier, wiser, more capable, and curious.  They felt greater life satisfaction and social connectedness, and they took more personal initiative and responsibility.  On the flip side, they were generally less depressed and anxious.  They ruminated less, though fewer self-critical thoughts, and were less afraid of failure.  Jean Fain, The Self-Compassion Diet

At the end of our session with a client who is going through a difficult experience, I invited him to simply write a compassionate note to himself.  What? 
Is that really okay to do?  Simply write as if you are a friend.  It was difficult but felt so good he indicated a few moments later. 

Becky Andrews, LPC, and Christy Cox, LCSW are excited to begin their Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Course this Wednesday.  Join us if you can.  Contact Becky at 8012593883 or Christy at 8012434959 to register.

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