Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sudden Death & Trauma Loss

Lisa Bradford, LCSW (801.660.8441), Trisha Jensen, LCSW (801.541.4944), Melanie Jackson, LCSW (801.721.1013) and Becky Andrews had the chance to attend Dr. Alan Wolfelt's conference in SLC: Exploring "Complicated" Mourning:  Sudden Death and Trauma Loss. 

His presentation was so validating on the difficult grief journey.  He stated our journey rocks our complete foundation.  We can experience the impact of grief in five realms:  Physically - drained, exhausted.  Emotionally - intense, overwhelmed, Cognitively - Short-term memory difficulty, Socially - no relationship energy, Spiritually - question meaning & purpose.  We also heal in these five realms.

Grief means we've been able to open our heart and love. 

The grief and loss groups at Resilient Center for Grieving Families incorporate Dr. Wolfelt's book and work in our discussions to create a safe environment.  Dr. Wolfelt states:    When we feel safe, we have the capacity to mourn.   For more information about our upcoming grief and loss groups, contact Becky Andrews at 801.259.3883.  If you'd like a therapist to companion you through your grief journey, one of the therapists in our office.

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