Sunday, October 2, 2011

Strength in Numbers. Trauma.

Addressing Trauma – Strength in Numbers

We may at some point in our lives become a witness or even a victim of a traumatic incident. Circumstances of this nature can be shocking, overwhelming, and confusing.

Addressing post-traumatic concerns is imperative for anyone affected by a distressing incident or accident. Many therapists agree that group work is highly valuable and a successful tool as it presents an opportunity to share and gain relief in a safe setting. It also provides a possibility to picture one’s experience through different perspectives, as group members share their point of view from the same situation or similar circumstance.

There is strength in numbers when working through a traumatic experience in a group setting. “The give-and-take of group work offers individuals a nurturing environment for growth, change, renewal and connection” states Shallcross. It can be like a sense of unity in a community of fellow-beings, dealing with similar issues at hand.

Within a group setting, one has the opportunity to come to the realization that one is not alone or isolated with one’s feelings and struggles. One has the opportunity to learn from others and their successes, by learning how others overcame their challenges. Also, when genuinely contributing to the group setting, one usually feels satisfaction as one realizes one’s own contribution helps other group members gain relief. This in turn, empowers and strengthens oneself to tackle one’s own challenges anew and in a more positive way.
Counseling Today/September 2010; Strength in Numbers, Lynne Shallcross; One School’s Response to External Traumatic Events, Thomas J. Pallardy.

Monica, an LAPC with Resilient Solutions, Inc., works with individuals, families and groups who have witnessed traumatic incidences or accidents, and may be suffering with Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Contact Monica Forsman, M.Ed., LAPC, at Resilient Solutions, Inc., in Bountiful, Utah, for questions and information on group/individual therapy concerning trauma issues.

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