Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finding Hope Group

Our Women's Group - Finding Hope for Women Experiencing Depression/Anxiety is in its fourth week. This group of women have found support and connection in realizing they are not alone in what they are experiencing. We have talked about the five areas that we need to find ways to practice self-compassion: physical, social, cognitive, spiritual, and emotional. They have begun to implement kindness to themselves in each of these areas ... perhaps a nice walk to nourish our body or journaling our feelings to release our emotional. We have talked about the ten hits that impact depression/anxiety: genetic, developmental (these two we cannot control), the other eight we have some control over: lifestyle, circadian rhythm, addictions, nutrition, toxic thinking, social stress, medical conditions, frontal lobe. This week we will have Carena from Infusions Yoga and Pilates join us and teach us about healthy living. A couple of the women have indicated that they look forward to Monday evenings and the support they are receiving from this group.

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