Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Substance Dependency

Breaking the Cycle of Substance Dependency

Multiple attempts to beat addiction is not unordinary – in fact, it’s a common place theme for most who are trying time and time again to overcome addictive habits. Addictions can be extremely hard to break. Getting professional help is often the best way to gain control, even though it can take more than one try to break the addiction cycle, according to Dr. Joe Shrand, MD, medical director of the Castle Adolescent Rehabilitation Unit in Brockton, Massachusetts.

There is hope to break the substance dependency cycle. Addiction recovery is a process, and no one is a failure when one picks him/herself up from their fall, learns from it, and tries again. Here are 7 tips essential to recovery:

1. Start Safely – Detox is usually the first step, and done in a medical setting to monitor withdrawal symptoms.

2. Seek Lots of Support – Cultivate many healthy, caring relationships. Join a support group! Embracing this kind of support substantially increases your success to get clean for good.

3. Choose Right – Receive therapy/counseling from professionals who are board certified.

4. Address Everything – About 40% of those dealing with addictions suffer from mental health issues, such as depression, explains Dr. David Sack, MD, chief executive officer of Promises. Addressing all issues can help you learn how to prevent relapse.

5. Avoid Triggers – Learn coping skills, and carefully choose your environment to avoid temptations.

6. Manage Expectations – Be humble and realistic about your journey to recovery, counsels Dr. Shrand; it’s important to forgive yourself for all that has happened; and it’s just as important to take responsibility for your actions.

7. Be Vigilant – Temptations and cravings can be a struggle throughout your life. However, even if addiction recovery can be a lifelong battle, following these 7 tips will be successful tools to see you through!


Contact Monica Forsman, LAPC, for questions, information, and therapy on substance dependency at Resilient Solutions, Inc., in Bountiful, Utah.

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